Things i like to do

Saturday, January 31

body boarding

This is me and storm body boarding
on a really big wave.
This is me storm and surfer boy
cathing a wave in all together

me and storm cathing a wave


karisma said...

Cool! Looks like lots of fun!

sky said...

hello.. im gabriel... nice to meet you.. i'm 14 and may i know you?:)
anyways... send me comments if you want to... you linked me... so um.. see ya... ps: you reminds me of someone.

sky said...

hey its me again... um.. i was wondering if you have msn... i would like to add you.... maybe you could add me if you want... by the way.. my friend saw you today and wants to know whether you have any boyfriend? anyways... i'll be waiting for you reply.. see ya..:)

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