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Monday, March 30

whit water world

we went to whit water world the other day we had so mouth fun my favorite is the green room,
first i was to scared to go down backwards then just before we left me and my brother went on the green room and the lady that worked there made it so i was going backwards at the end it wasn't scared going down back words.

there was a Nickelodeon section, i liked he big bucket that fell on you when it was about to full all of the kids ran under it.there was a big swimming pool it was cooled the wave pool there was tier tubs you could sit in when the Waves started. when a big siren blow all of the waves stopped then when it blow agen all of the waves started.

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karisma said...

Looks like lots of fun to me! I can't wait to come to Qld and visit all the theme parks. Not that I like rides mind you, but my kids do! I would like to try the water rides though, I am not scared of water! LOL!

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