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Friday, May 22


on the 12Th f may we went to Cain babble cottages near the gold goast.

We sated there for three nights, on the second day we went up to

O'Reilys we did the tree top walk and also went o the botanical gardens.

The next day we went back and we did Bird feeding and watched a reptile

show at the end we got to hold the animals.

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karisma said...

Sounds like lots of fun Rain. Do you know I have always been really scared of snakes? I don't know why because snakes are lovely. One day I held a really big python just to prove to myself I could do it. It was huge and I was so scared and shaky. The snake was beautiful though and very patient with silly old me.

I walk in the bush a lot here, and there are lots of snakes, unfortunately they are the ones we need to avoid. So when I walk I always ask nicely that they stay off the track so I do not step on them. I did however see a beautiful green tree snake one day, and a huge red belly black snake who was out sunning itself. Yikes! Mostly we get them or brown snakes here and lots of blue tongue lizards.

Tell your mum Karisma says HI! Big hugs and smoochies xxxxoooooxxx

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