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Wednesday, April 22

obstacle cause

Me and my Little brother made an obstacle course and then we made mad dad do the obstacle course it is really funny. We made him go under a net, througha tunnel, in 4 hula hoops, on a skate Board and on a body Board, and when he was doing the course he had to find 4 pegs and wear two odd thongs and holda foot ball.


karisma said...

Well looks like dad did a good job there! What a great idea! Our backyard looks like an obstacle course right now, the grass is so long its like a jungle! I have to find my way to the chickens to give them some food. Its a little scary as we have three dogs who like to poop on that grass so you have to watch where you are going if its not short!

Our yard is very small, not like yours.

BV said...

It is a great obstacle course. Your Dad nearly got caught in the pipe though.

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