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Saturday, April 4

Storme: Once upon a time in a dip blue sea in the middle of no where, way out there was a pirate ship, it was known as the great Dane and the pirate gang was know as the buccaneers.

Rain- On an island near the pirate ship there was a house on this island in the house lived a little girl named poppy. She had a dog called peanut it was a brown and whit dog it was the cutest dog in the world.

Storme-Peanut wasn’t really cute only around people. He was part of the pirate gang and he was the captain!. He ordered the other pirates to do every thing he wanted done they were like his slave.


Rain: Poppy thought peanut was her dog but she really belonged to the buccaneers, one day poppy woke up and peanut hade ran away she ran as fast as she could to her mah and pars room mum dad peanut is gone I woke up this morning she wasn’t in my bedroom.
Poppy’s mum and dad went down to the kitchen and there was a note on the note it said

Buccaneers: Dear Poppy we took the dog because he is ours we will be sailing to the seven seas from the buccaneers!

‘Poppy dear are you ok?’ mah said worriedly. ‘I think so mah’. 4 hours later it was Poppies bedtime but Poppy just couldn’t get to sleep. When she did she had a dream about peanut in the dream Peanut was sailing the 7 seas and ordering the pirates around. Poppy woke up from the dream wondering what was going on and then she relised it was only a dream. Ever since that very day poppy hasn't had a good sleep.

The End
Chapter two will be coming soon.


Ariad said...

Cool story! I have givn you a lemonade award. Come to my blog to collect it.

Rain said...

hi i am sorry that i haven't got around to chapter two

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