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Saturday, September 12

eggs at last

our chicken's stooped laying for about 2 month, and the other day me and mum where digging up a garden bed and there was loots of comfre in it and she was telling me about that comfre is a good medicine for chocks so we gave them some of it. And the next day we went up to feed them and there was a egg. then about three days after that we got 12 eggs in one day but we dont ous them all so me and my brother have a chiken buisnis we sell 1/2 dosen of eggs for $3.00 and 1 dosen for $5.00 so far we have mad about $100 but we need to bye chiken food with some of the money and with the rest we get to keep.


karisma said...

Hi Rain, Our chooks did not lay any eggs all through the winter! I wondered why and found out it is because its too cold! They also started laying eggs again about two weeks ago and keep at it. It turns out, I found out that all chickens will only lay eggs for about 2 years and then they will just be pets unless you are inclined to eat them! (which we are not!) So it looks like pet chooks for 8 years! LOL!

Mathias Everson said...

To Rain

I am a friend of Martins. He was one of the Woofers that stayed at your place. I would just like to let you know that you need to use spell-checker next time because there are quite a lot of spelling mistakes. I am not trying to be rude, just trying to be helpful. We have had chooks for a while then when they got old dad killed them then we made Chicken Soup. It tasted nice. By the way I have my own blog at

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