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Sunday, September 20

our holiday

On the holiday when we got there we cheked in to our room, and we Unpacked about 1 hour then dad told us that there was a swimming pool, spa, sauna and a games room so we all went down to the pool it was so cold so we went in the spa,
me, tui, zanda and Tia in the spa

tui next to the pool

zander and Tia in the spa

after that me and my brothers went in the sauna then we quickly jumped in the swimming pool

then we went back in the sauna.

after that we went on to the little deck that we had on our room,

the birds where so friendly that they would land on you

a bird on the deck

bird on the chair

two birds on zander and one on the railing a regent bower bird

The next day we went on a giant flying fox, it was 135m long
and about 28m of the ground it went up to 50km per hour

this is me about to go on the flying fox

the flying fox was so fun, after we went on that we got back and had our dinner the food was so nice, we Had notary then main and then we Had dessert yum! the next day we went on a walk to a big water fall,
me and my mum on the path

mum in the tree

this is my dad sitting on the
edge of the water fall.

i was maybe going to go for a swim but the water was so cold, it was to cold to even in up to your nees. when we got back to our room we went fora swim in the swimming pool, it was nice to have a swim every morning and night. after we went for a swim we me dad and my brothers sister and mum went to the tree top walk,

the tower on the tree top walk is about 25m of the ground.
after we climbed up the tower we went to the botanical gardens there where so Meany flowers, it was really pretty, why mum and dad where looking around we where spying on them.
then we went back to our room, we had afternoon tea, we had donuts and a Milo.
about two hours later we had dinner then the next morning we started to pack up, because we had to be out of the room by ten in the morning.


Jessica said...

I was justing looking at some blogs and noticed that you liked animals so I thought I'd stop by and say hi. :) Cool blog by the way!

karisma said...

Wow Rain, that looks like so much fun! The birds are beautiful aren't they? I would love to climb those trees too! I had a go at climbing some a while ago but we were not surrounded by nets and it was very scary! I am a little scared of heights! Your mum is so brave climbing up there!

Hugs and smoochies xxxoxoxo

Anonymous said...

That looks like so much fun. Hope you had a great time.

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