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Tuesday, August 17

Small schools athletics carnival

Today i went down to the Sunshine cost university to have the small schools athletics carnival, my first event was the 800m run, when you where watching other people do it, it didn't seem far but when it was my age group it was really far and tirering.

 After that my age group went to the long jump pits, I'm not very good at long jump, the winner for long jump jumped 3.83m and  me and my friend can only jump 3m. After that we had a break so we could get something to eat and drink, then we did discus and when that was finished we did high jump, the starting place was 1.05m and me and my friend can jump 1.04m, when all of the kids had finished that we went to the shot put i am a bit better at shot put but i still came Seventh.

 we had a break and did the 200m sprint and the 100m sprint in the 100m sprint i came fourth. as soon as they were finished we got into teams off our age group and did relays for a while, then the athletics carnival was finished and we could go home and relax.

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karisma said...

Well my lovely girl, I think 3 metres is a pretty long jump for your little legs..i don't know if I could jump that far! Maybe one day you could teach me!

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