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Thursday, August 12

School camp

On Sunday the 8th of august me and my school went to the Nambour train station and got on the train to catch it to Roma street Brisbane, after that we walked to the YHA to unpack our stuff, about one hour later we all split up into groups and walked to the Museum,art gallery or the gallery of modern arts. we walked around them for about 2 hours then we walked through the botanical gardens and over the Brisbane river. When we got back to the YHA we had pizza for dinner.

The next day we had our breakfast and walked to the train station to catch the train to the ekka, that day we walked around in our little groups.The bad thing was that we weren't aloud to go on any rides. My group went to the show bags first and we brought a lollies show bag, after that we walked around for the rest of the day and brought food and played games. After the ekka we caught the train back to the YHA and had dinner.

The next day we walked to the park and had a BBQ and then caught the train to the Nambour train station and went home. 


Kimmie said...

Hi Rain

Sound like you had a great time away on camp. Still there is no place like home hey!



karisma said...

Did you have fun anyway? Even though you did not get to go on the rides?

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