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Tuesday, October 5

Rainbow gathering in NSW

We went down to the wollemi national park for a Rainbow gathering. It was a really long drive. The drive was Nealy a sixteen hour drive so we had to wake up at three in the morning, but we got there in one day.

Wollemi national park and the blue mountains.

A beautiful male Satan bower bird in a tree at a rest
stop on the way down.

The ruins.

When we got to the car park we needed to walk about 2km before we got to where you could camp, when we got there we set up our camp next to the capertee river and I had something to eat.

The next day we went up to the breakfast circle.

After the breakfast circle me and my brother tea went to play with our friends.

     A couple days later me, my brother and our friends decided to cook noddles. So we had to find a place to light a fire then light it. We decided on lighting a fire next to the capertee river. So i started to light the fire while my friends and brother got the noddles and stuff we needed.

After we had finished our food we all went for a swim with the lilos. The water in the creek was so cold but we still went in.
Two days later me my dad brother and sister went for a walk half way up one of the mountains.
Just below the rock we are sitting on in the picture there is a big cave.

Me and my friend wearing crowns my mum, me my brother and
sister and our friend made.

We are crossing the bridge to get back to our camp.

About a week before the full moon the weather was so cold that there was sleet every were, and it was snowing about 20 minutes away from were we where camping, it was SO cold. 

A couple days before the full moon my dad made two big swing for the kids. One of them you needed a harness but the other one was a smaller one that you  just hang on to a knot or you could sit on the knot.

On the full moon there was a big feast and after there was lots of drumming and dancing. That night i stayed up until about 10:30pm. The next day i slept in and we started to pack up our camp so we could leave in the morning. On the way home we stopped at a friends house a stayed there the night, then the next day we were home.

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